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    Quiet the voice in your head

    What is

    Storywork can be a powerful tool for challenging and reframing negative self-talk. As an online mindset coach, we start by examining the stories we tell ourselves about who we are, we can identify patterns of negative self-talk and begin to question their validity.

    Through this process of examining and reframing our personal stories, we can develop a more compassionate and empowering relationship with ourselves. Rather than being controlled by our negative self-talk, we can learn to recognize and challenge it, and replace it with more positive and affirming self-narratives.

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    My name is Kevin Wood

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    I will help you get unstuck

    I will help you quiet the inner critic

    I will help you turn self-doubt into self-confidence

    I will help you create a life you love

    At ifixyourmindset, I use the Enlifted Method to unlock your freedom and confidence

    -by changing your words

    -by changing your stories

    -by unlocking your breath

    R.C., Canada

    "I have had such a complete turn around in my head from this time last year. This mindset stuff is working."
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